The Tech Man

Chances are, you've happened upon my site because you have a problem with your computer and you're seeking help with it. While it may be pretentious of me to say "I'm your guy," I'm your guy.

I could give many reasons and run a long list of things I do to justify being your guy, but at the end of the day you just want your computer to work. You're not interested in the details. As an example, I once asked a medical professional about the anesthetic he was about to use and he rattled of a drug name or two which completely went in one ear and out the other because neither sounded remotely familiar. I think my eyes even glazed a bit. Suffice it to say, I really didn't need to know this detail. I only needed to know he would use the tools at his disposal to get the job done.

Most computer service providers give you a long list of items they fix. Virus removal, software/hardware installs, wireless network setup, etc. We all do a very similar list of things. What I do best is speak English. This isn't a jab at those who have trouble with English because it's a second language or something. No, it's a jab at the typical geek who cannot speak using words the audience understands. You many not need (or want) to know the details, but I'm sure you want a basic level of understanding of what went on. Similar to when you take your non-starting car to a mechanic and you're eventually told the starter was replaced and all works well again.

I'm going to be upfront and tell it like it is. You'll know whether it's best if I keep going or if you should consider replacing something.

All my work is done where you are. I find nothing more frustrating than having your Important Thing in the hands of an expert Somewhere Else while you have to wait your turn before it even gets examined, let alone fixed. Days later, you get the bill. While I cannot guarantee being able to drop everything I'm doing in order to fix your computer, you'll be safe knowing exactly where it is.

All you need do now is click over to my contact page and give me a call or send me an e-mail.